One of the hardest questions any working person can ask themselves is: Am I pursuing a career that allows me to live out my values? Here are three steps you can take to answer that question and begin to build a career that aligns with your deepest priorities.

First, tune into revelations about the morality of your work. Have you ever felt misaligned with your organization, its goals, or its processes? Resist the urge to ignore these moments, and investigate your discomfort instead.

Then, identify and question the trade-offs you’re making in your career. For example, you may be pursuing a morally “pure” career at the expense of salary, work-life balance, or personal relationships. Or you might be working a high-paying job at the expense of your moral code. If you sense an imbalance in either direction, it could be a sign that your career is no longer serving your values.

Finally, seek out communities that share your values. One of the hardest parts about changing your career is fearing social disapproval from colleagues with whom you no longer align. So turn to other relationships that will reinforce your value system and support you in your transition.

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